The Weekly Stripe – 25.05.18

The week’s links, from a week when we’ve barraged with privacy updates thanks to GDPR is all about information: avoiding, measuring, forgetting and revisiting it.

An American man and his self imposed information blockade. “To make sure he doesn’t overhear idle chatter, he often listens to white noise through his headphones”

Shifting baseline theory: the phenomenon whereby severe ongoing losses (e.g. in biodiversity) are normalised in the minds of each new generation. Applicable to much in the contemporary world too, especially privacy

There was a bit of a stink about Google’s Selfish Ledger film. Not sure why since it was a thought experiment not a vision video.

Val Harian – of Google fame – ran a project in the early 2000s to attempt to estimate how much new information is created each year. Here’s a recent calculation.

Want to see what your Twitter timeline would’ve looked like 10 years ago today, if you followed all the same people you do now?