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do you need to speed up?

Organisations respond more to tangible prototypes than they do to abstract ideas and concepts. We believe in the power of making things real to accelerate engagement and create momentum. We are experts in bringing together teams, approaches and environments to enable organisations to accelerate insights and ideas into action. By applying our experience running rapid making and prototyping sessions around the world we help organisations to collaborate and learn by doing.

About us

Stripe Partners is a global strategy and innovation studio. We believe that you make lasting change in the world when you combine deep, considered thinking with the capacity to move quickly and make things real. Our mission is to create a new paradigm for how organisations create lasting change, by helping them move intelligently between exploration and execution


do you need to slow down?

Markets are becoming more complex. New ideas and behaviours emerge faster and impact more dramatically. It’s easy to get caught up in making critical decisions and developing activity without having real confidence in your knowledge of your markets and their deeper systems. We are a team of experienced research experts and strategists. We use ethnography and cultural insight to unpick the human elements shaping change in fast moving markets.

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