The Weekly Stripe – 24.08.18

Even as we hurtle headlong into the future, a reminder that we, the living, share our world with the dead.

Death is no barrier to political influence: figures released this week showed that the dead outspent the living 2:1 in funding the UK’s governing Conservative party.

For a glimpse at how people who’ve died are remembered online, start with  Facebook’s Memorialized pages.   Excellent article on the thinking [pdf] behind their new Legacy Contact system.

If you don’t believe you share the world with dead people, you’d better believe that you share it with people who believe you do.    A survey in the USA last year showed that 62% believe in the afterlife and an additional 20% aren’t sure.

Wired writer James Vlahos on building DadBot, a chat bot to immortalise his dying father.

And for those of us who want to keep tweeting from the grave, there’s a start-up trying to help, here discussed by Queen Latifah.