The Weekly Stripe – 16.06.17

We will be heading over to the East End film festival next week to see some of the independent talent on show…so this week we’ve been looking at ethnographic film and the different ways people communicate encounters in the world.

The Interview Project is a library of encounters from across America that offers people the chance to tell their stories, sharing their worries, joys, beliefs and dreams.

Bruno Moynie’s ethnographic films give insights into the lives of respondents. We particularly like his film showing the difficulties those with disabilities face when travelling by plane.  

Shaven Ape’s films for Findus show us the people behind the brand. By showcasing individual encounters, these short films show the care and expertise that go into making food.

These films follow taxi driver Lao Jing as he travels around Beijing documenting the coming together of different classes, and personalities.

Life in a day (2011) uses crowd-sourced footage from a large group of contributors. Made from self-shot clips, and influenced by the mass observation archives, the film captures the differences and similarities of human experience at one moment in time across the globe.