The Weekly Stripe – 03.01.19

In this first week of the New Year we explore different views on hybridisation and its power as an engine of change across spheres spanning nature through to high fashion.

The growth of streaming is exposing more people to more musical genres from around the world. Eduardo Cepeda talks to the global rise ‘Urbano’ a hybrid of reggaetón, dembow, Latin Trap, champeta and bachata styles.

Writing about his predictions for what will be big in music in 2019, journalist Joe Mugg also cites hybridisation as the key driver of change.

In high fashion and luxury categories self-subversion and hybridisation are emerging as the new norms for innovation. Classic brands that once held themselves aloof from popular culture are bastardising their iconography to maintain relevance in the quickfire, tongue in cheek world of Internet influence. 

Bollywood can perhaps lay claim to being one of the first mass-media hybridisers.