The Weekly Stripe – 28.09.2018

This week we consider the embodied and emotional aspects of virtual worlds. As core features of human experience how our bodies and emotions are brought into virtual worlds will have a huge impact on the potential and effects of virtuality.

A super interesting article in The New Yorker on the philosophy and practice of virtual embodiment and the relation between the mind, the body and the real.

What does it mean to physically re-enact your bodily history virtually? This documentary was part of a research project on disability and embodiment in virtual spaces.

A podcast on the virtual as new medium and its emotional power, danger and potential.

“If smartphones and social media have reduced meaningful face-to-face human interaction, will augmented reality have the oppostie effect?” A blog post on the potentials of mixed realities.

If we can virtually construct situations that feel real, what does that mean for mental health treatments? This article takes a look at some of the treatments being developed in VR.