The Weekly Stripe – 26.8.16

“A few days from now about 300 people from the worlds of anthropology, ethnography, design, UX, strategy and innovation will meet in Minneapolis for the annual EPIC conference. EPIC is a flourishing community of people committed to putting deep understanding of people at the heart of design, innovation and strategy – be it in private, public or non-profit contexts.

One way or other Stripe Partners people have been involved with EPIC since its inception in 2005 when the first conference took place at Microsoft’s Redmond campus in Washington State. We’ve co-chaired it, presented papers and Pecha Kucha, curated sessions and we sponsor it. EPIC is the community of practitioners we feel most at home in.


To set the scene a nice blog post on what ethnographic thinking can offer by Jay Hasbrouk (2015)

2From EPIC Copenhagen (2008) when twitter was a minority interest this paper used the concept of translucence to talk about co-presence and connection amongst home-/freelance workers


A rich ethnographic account of teenage mobile habits in a Hyderbadi slum with a great title: ‘Mental Kartha Hai’ or ‘Its Blowing My Mind’: Evolution of the Mobile Internet in an Indian Slum by Rangaswamy and Yamsani.


Two meditations (and polemics?) on the skills. methods and practices of ethnographers. One on the ever present risk of the deskilling of ethnographic labour (Lombardi 2009) and Stoke Jones’s lovely essay on the Inner Game of ethnography, suitably enough for EPIC in Japan (2010) where the conference theme was 道 Dō.


From the beginning of EPIC (2005) a thought provoking paper titled ‘Who We Talk About When We Talk About Users’ by Kris Cohen.