The Weekly Stripe – 26.10.18

This week we’re looking at wellbeing. Wellbeing is not just a trendy buzzword but a matter of public health, and a concern of governments, employers and businesses.  

The recent BBC Loneliness Experiment has busted some common myths about loneliness and found that, for example, young people suffer from loneliness more than older people. 

Provided that you’re happy with your life and are interested in living forever, this New Yorker article gives a comprehensive overview of what science, technology and committed immortalists can do for you. 

Even Sainsbury’s pitching in. With their customers’ wellbeing in mind, they’re launching a new range of sex toys “to help customers reinvigorate their sex lives and boost the nations’ sense of wellbeing.”

The sociologist Nikolas Rose will be talking about his new book “Our Psychiatric Future” and addressing the question: “Is there an ‘epidemic’ of mental ill health in contemporary societies?” We’ve booked our spot!

In this brilliant 1955 ethnographic film, Jean Rouch portrays a peculiar ritual of the Hauka movement in Accra, Ghana, which is “a particular solution to the problem of the readjustment” and a representation of the West.