A mixed bag this week: the death of the sharing economy, political earthquakes, taxis as metaphors for the conflict between new and old, how countries spend their cash and whether fast or slow thinking is what your business needs.

A bonus link: We’re heading off to the EPIC 2015 conference in São Paulo in a few weeks. We’ve written a piece for their website featuring some of our latest research thinking – it’s about putting the body back into research. Do take a look – we’d love to know what you think.

1. Strategy or Design Thinking? This article describes the differences and when to apply each approach – but we wonder if the distinction is a useful one in the first place?

2. Really excellent article on the slow but certain death of the ‘sharing economy’. The result? No more mentions of renting rather than buying power drills.

3. In a strange and momentous week for British politics this piece by innovation expert Charlie Leadbeater explores what Jeremy Corbyn might tell us about innovation, networks and old-fashioned hierarchies.

4. Leadbeater compares London’s black cabs to Ubers as a way of describing two opposing tendencies in modern society and business:

The former “are the mainstream, establishment who are used to enjoying the deference which comes from years in power. Licensed cab politics is controlled and slow to change. The Ubers are the horizontal movements of on demand politics, mixing direct action, protest and social media”.

Here’s a long read on the intricacies of the trade in London, the friction between non-digital and digital, networked businesses captured in one city’s transport system.

5. How do different households across the world spend their money? This Economist graphic shows some big differences. US households spend 25% on healthcare, EU households only 4%.