Five quick links about innovation – those that do it, fund and those we often forget about – the bureaucrats, engineers and others who maintain and sustain the world we live in through mainly invisible work. Oh, and the history of the donut, or is that ‘doughnut’?

1.  Innovators tend to assume an insatiable appetite for change amongst consumers. But this shouldn’t be assumed, argues the Ad Contrarian. 

2. Marc Andreessen is the funder of many an innovation, and, of course the man behind Mosaic. A long, and insightful portrait from The New Yorker of a man who “is forty-three years old and six feet five inches tall, with a cranium so large, bald, and oblong that you can’t help but think of words like “jumbo” and “Grade A.”

3. Engineers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have devised a formula for estimating how fast a technology is advancing, based on information gleaned from relevant patents. 

4. Food innovation: the history of the doughnut.

5. Finally, why do we always fixate on the innovators as opposed to the humdrum work of those who maintain and manage the fruits of past innovation, i.e, the things that suround us in our everyday existence.