This Weekly Stripe is all about libraries.

Over the last few months we’ve been working with local government in Essex, UK to redevelop their library service. Rather than conduct a traditional consultation, our approach is to challenge local communities to be enterprising and take ownership of the spaces themselves.

So we have invited local people to pitch activities that they are willing and committed to run within the library, with the support of the local authority:

1. Here is a short video setting out some of the enterprises that are getting off the ground in Billericay Library, Essex

2. This is a useful video setting out how the role of the librarian is changing

3. An interesting discussion on how debate about libraries has come full circle – from the virtual ‘library without walls’ back to ‘library as a place’

4. Some recent evidence which suggests that the death knell of the physical book may have been sounded too soon

5. Finally, some clues from fiction about the future of libraries