The Weekly Stripe – 09.11.18

When is clever stupid and stupid clever? Is this a stupid question? This week we are looking at ideas around stupidity and intelligence. As we work to create more intelligent machines we are learning more about our own intelligence. In building AI’s, some of the human attributes we consider basic are revealing themselves to be very smart indeed. And as we reach for the intellectual stars we must remember that intelligence and stupidity are not mutually exclusive. The smartest people and the cleverest machines can do the stupidest things.

Creative director and author Dave Trott on ‘Moravec’s Paradox’ which talks to ai’s challenges learning to do the things humans take for granted as basic.

And Jason Pontin highlights the greedy, brittle, shallow and opaque downsides to deep learning.

Can we ever have clever without stupid? Psychologists Oliver Burkeman and Heather A Butler explore two angles on smart people’s unerring capacity for acts of immense stupidity

and ‘stupid’ peoples’ capacity for clarity and smartness.

Is modern life making us all more stupid? Ilana Straus explores the link between increased carbon levels in the air we breathe and reduced cognitive capacity.