Snippets from the field

Have you ever tried to order a fresh seafood meal at Hema (Chinese supermarket) without knowing any Chinese? It’s not easy…

Flying west: left-hand side of the plane

Flying west: right-hand side of the plane

Enjoying the dacha life in Ukraine.

Learning about real estate and home buying journeys in Phoenix, AZ.

View from the top of the Eiffel Tower

Streets of Paris after France qualified to the World Cup final

Slide building in Zurich

Enjoying 30 degrees heat from the Studio porch in Atlanta, Georgia.

Exploring shopping in Shanghai

Chilling in Shanghai

Taking a break from fieldwork, Mount Tamalpais, California

Exploring social media in Chicago, Illinois

Exploring AR in Austin, Texas

In suburban Columbus, Ohio

On the heels of Generation Z in Denver

Meeting the inhabitants of Sao Paolo to learn about mobility

Catching a baseball match during research in New York 

Learning about individual style in Shanghai

Exploring Hong Kong’s Peak

Exploring suburban mobility in Ahmedabad, India

Understanding car culture in India

Understanding ethical butchery in Portland, OR

Exploring new ways of shopping in Sacramento, CA

On the trail of a prescription to understand the changing distribution of healthcare, San Francisco, March 2016

Testing out wearables on the track to understand their utility, Portland, May 2016

Decoding luxury and consumption in an evolving market, Chengdu, China May 2016

Exploring the world of Chinese beauty and femininity, Chengdu, China, May 2016

Writing up fieldnotes – San Francisco, March 2016

Our AirBnB studio: basecamp during fieldwork – Sacramento, April 2016

Camping with expert outdoorsmen to develop a marketing strategy,  California, November 2014

Attending the DYBKR device free dance party to understand going ‘off grid’, San Francisco, April 2015

Following the beauty habits of young women, Shanghai, April 2015

Grasping the art of fishing to develop a marketing strategy, California, November 2014

Embodying sensory deprivation as part of a communications strategy development studio for a brand operating in the healthcare category, Miami, February 2015

Experiencing awkward purchase processes to ground a 3 year business plan for a healthcare startup, London, August 2015

Exploring strategies for social inclusion in the UK’s most deprived areas, Jaywick, June 2015

Setting up the basecamp for our week-long studio exploring the worlds of beauty and femininity in Latin America, Chapultepec y Hidalgo, Mexico City,
August 2015

  • Yep sometimes we work from our roof terrace bestfeature
    Yep, sometimes we work from our roof terrace  #bestfeature  ☀️
  • When you end up in a taxi wondering what the
    When you end up in a taxi wondering what the driver has created his home made protection for.
  • Pike scene
    Pike scene.
  • Evening boat ride
    Evening boat ride
  • Frank from San Francisco is looking for a gig fieldwork
    Frank from San Francisco is looking for a gig  #fieldwork   #sanfrancisco   #stripepartnersgoestousa 
  • Lunchtime at a hawkers market before some fieldwork!
    Lunchtime at a hawkers market before some fieldwork!
  • no filter
    no filter
  • Infrastructure
  • Morning meeting
    Morning meeting