A Studio Case Study: Driving growth for Quiqup

Qiuqup is a four year old London based delivery startup that offers on-demand shopping and delivery services to businesses and consumers across the capital.

The business has grown rapidly. At the time of writing it has over 100 staff members and an extended team of over 2000 delivery riders known as ‘Quiquees’. The team received £20million in Series B funding in mid 2017 and has big growth plans in London and globally.

As its B2B business grows, the team’s biggest challenge is carving out a distinct space in the rapid home delivery market. As big players like Uber Eats and Deliveroo have pushed into the market, the meal delivery space has become intensely competitive. The team needed to align on a new focus for their consumer facing offer to galvanise the team and find spaces that they could own.

Quiqup has grown up closely connected to their consumer users. The core team knew their most regular users by name and worked hard to service their needs quickly and efficiently. With rapid growth in user numbers and team members, this user closeness inevitably became more cloudy.


Stripe Partners took the CEO, CTO and heads of logistics and development and their teams on a four day user immersion workshop to explore evolving user needs first hand and align around a fresh strategy for the business.

The idea of meeting their current and potential users in person was new to the team. Seeing the real people and the lives that sit behind the data on their screens was a revelation. The experience opened up a wealth of insights, ideas and opportunities for the team. The most significant insight was that there was space for Quiqup to mean more and do more for its users than its competitors.

The team’s and their Quiquees’ local knowledge and cultural sensitivity is hugely valuable for the app’s better-off, time pressured target. The breakthrough insight revolved around the opportunity to provide users with more culturally curated offers and services at speed to outflank more generic, cookie-cutter competitors.

Since the session the team has been working to translate the insights into app reality. The refocused consumer app is already in beta and will be going live shortly.

We came away with an understanding that actually this is a powerful way to understand how to build a better product to better serve people

Sahil Sachdev

Head of Brand Experience and Innovation, Quiqup