Useful strategy isn’t just a document, it’s an unfolding network of association

At the EPIC 2016 conference held in Minneapolis, MN this year, we shared some significant findings about the nature of strategy, and the role ethnography can play when building a strategy that lasts.

This downloadable case study explores a Stripe Partners business strategy development project for a London-based online healthcare company, Dr Ed. In it, we lay out our process – an intense four-day ethnographic research programme called the ‘Studio’ with Dr Ed senior management team, and the outcomes one year on.

We conducted a series of management interviews to evaluate the contribution the Studio made in relation to Dr Ed’s new business strategy, and the evidence suggest that the concept of strategy itself should be reappraised. From strategy as a static set of choices made at a specific point in time to strategy as an unfolding network of people, shared experiences and artefacts that is constantly being remade.

Our research with the Dr Ed team impacted their immediate brief, and amplified impact across the organisation, in many cases changing the way team members saw their role and performed their jobs while working toward a shared, goal based on an embodied understanding of their consumer’s world.

We invite you to explore this approach to building a network in order to build long-lasting and truly impactful strategy.