The Weekly Stripe – 18.01.19

This week we are looking at an increasingly common practice in the world of work - remote working. Whether you work from home, a co-working space or a beach cafe, your remoteness to your colleagues throws up some new needs and requirements.

The changing context of remote working. How the tech has changed since the 1990s (yes, remote working existed back then as well).

Peer surveillance in the service of productivity, for those occasions when there is no colleague or client to prevent you from procrastinating. 

Hanno, a health design agency, has a culture toolbox for remote work (which also works perfectly well for non-remote work)

We tend to believe that the more realistic technology is, the better it can connect people. Here’s an example of how creating unrealness can be connective.

Remote work doesn’t just happen, it has to be an integrated (and appreciated) part of how a company functions to work well.