Working at Stripe Partners

Stripe Partners is a diverse international team of specialists from different fields and backgrounds. We are always searching for new talent to enrich our cohort.

Internship Programme

We run two intern programmes a year. Both offer recent graduates the opportunity to work with us for four months. These are fully paid positions and offered to candidates as a trial for them and us. Most of our employees have started at Stripe Partners as interns, but the internship is not a guarantee of future employment

We are always looking for people who are…

Curious in general and particularly about culture, tech and business.
Empathetic and warm towards other human beings.
Proactive and take initiative, suggesting solutions and ways forward.
Clear communicators in writing and in speaking.
Original thinkers, who make interesting observations about the world around you.

Current Vacancies

Research Intern

About Stripe Partners

We are a research and consulting company based in London. We help companies design new products and services by carrying out research with the potential users and future customers. 

We specialise in in-depth qualitative research (mostly in-person but also remotely in the current period) which we use to understand people’s needs and behaviours. When we research a certain type of behaviour or product, we always try to understand what is really meaningful to people and how they make sense of the world. We advise our clients on what the key opportunities are for a new product and what features, functions or positioning could contribute to its success.

We strongly encourage people from diverse backgrounds to apply. The more diverse perspectives on our team, the more we can help our clients understand people’s worlds.

Let us know in your application if you have any accessibility requirements during the interview. We’re happy to arrange interviews outside of work hours if you have caring responsibilities or other circumstances that affect your availability.

About the internship 

  • 4 months duration, ideally starting in June
  • The internship is paid at the monthly equivalent of £20K per annum
  • You will join a project team and work on various phases of a project (from set up to research to analysis and report writing)
  • Typically full-time but we can be flexible if other responsibilities make full time work impossible for you
  • We will be adopting a hybrid working model and we will expect interns to be come into our office in London 2-3 days a week
  • You will learn about our industry, how we work and the methods we use
  • We expect interns to do meaningful work and make real contributions to the projects they work on
  • While the internship is a learning experience and there is no guarantee of a full-time position at the end, there is a possibility of joining the team on a full-time contract and many of our current staff started as interns
  • We unfortunately cannot offer internship positions to those with other full-time work or study commitments in September


Typical tasks...

  • Helping with logistics and scheduling of research outbound documentation
  • Conducting background research online
  • Taking notes during interviews or calls with clients
  • Keeping data from research organised
  • Contributing to analysis by finding patterns in qualitative data
  • Supporting report writing by finding relevant quotes from interviews

You might also…

  • Conduct interviews
  • Write sections of a report (in slides or document format)
  • Present work to clients
  • Support non-project work, such as marketing or writing for the website

Who we’re looking for

  • You are curious, in general, but particularly about culture, social science, technology and business
  • You are empathetic and warm towards other human beings
  • You are proactive and take initiative, suggesting solutions and ways forward
  • You have a good work ethic, you actively seek out ways to contribute
  • You are eager to learn, willing to have a stab at an unfamiliar task and taking feedback constructively
  • You have good attention to detail and you care about the quality of the work you do
  • You are a clear communicator in writing and in speaking (we love a good storyteller)
  • You are an original thinker, who makes interesting observations on the world around you or in the world of ideas


    How to apply

    To apply, email your CV to with the subject line “Spring 2021 Research Internship”.

    In the body of the email, please answer one of the following prompts in less than 500 words. Please indicate which prompt you are answering!

    • Tell us about an app or website you started using recently, that you think is changing the way people and/or businesses behave.
    • The pandemic has fuelled a huge amount of change in how people live and work. Which changes do you think will have a lasting impact, if we imagine the world in 2025?
    • Between TikTok and Instagram, which will ultimately be more popular and why?
    • What do you find interesting about people? Feel free to draw on personal experience or something you’ve learned in school.
    • Tell us about something you’ve read or watched recently and what you learned from it.
    • What would be your favourite topic to research and why?

    Deadline: May 3rd 2021

    If you would like to have an informal chat with one of our consultants to learn more about Stripe Partners or the internship, we’re happy to set that up. Simply send an email requesting this to