The Weekly Stripe – 10.08.18

What does it mean to see something? How much is seeing about optical inputs (or outputs) and how much is it about understanding that input? This week’s articles are all about visibility – creating it, avoiding it and using it.

As facial recognition technologies are becoming more sophisticated, so are technologies to circumvent it.

We are coming closer and closer to the point where computers can understand images and videos as well as text. How will this drive creation of visual assets? How will those assets then be used?

Sometimes seeing is more about the software than the sensors. As this ability to see through walls show.

This map visualizes all (legal) international, commercial fishing vessels. It’s a good illustration of visibility and knowledge going hand in hand.

Interpreting emotions being expressed is often seen as a very human skill. Now AI is catching up and what is it used for? Finding the highlights of the matches at Wimbledon.