A Growth Consultancy

Simon’s career has been dedicated to bringing the power of anthropology to business strategy. His research career began with a doctorate on the satellite television revolution in India. A leading commercial ethnographer, he set up Ideas Bazaar, the UK’s first ethnographic research business before establishing a multi-disciplinary R&D lab at Intel that created products and services in the health and ageing markets. Simon has led global engagements with some of the world’s great businesses such as Intel, Unilever, Novo Nordisk and the BBC, working hands on with clients to bring innovative perspectives and insight to their most pressing commercial challenges. Prior to Stripe Partners, Simon was at ReD Associates. He is regular speaker on topics at the intersection of technology, culture, business and design. Simon teaches on the Design/Digital ethnography courses at Dundee and UCL, and at Cass Business school. He chaired EPIC, the premier industry conference on ethnography in business, in 2012 and 2013.

Recent presentations

Adornment, enchantment, magic and ridicule - presented at the December 2013 Wearable Futures conference at Ravensbourne College, London.

‘That full complement of riches’: The future role of anthropology in business and society - presented at the Why the world needs anthropologists symposium, Amsterdam, December 2013