We bring insight-led clarity and shared direction to the multi-disciplinary teams working at the heart of world-class businesses and brands.

We tackle complex challenges across industries spanning technology, consumer goods, automotive, health and the public sector.

Our speciality is enabling teams to internalise deep understanding of their customers’ changing worlds as a platform for robust yet rapid opportunity identification and strategy development.



We identify foundational paths into the future with clients by exploring emerging patterns of human behaviour framed against broader cultural and market dynamics.

// What’s the present and future of voice interfaces?

// How will digital personal assistants evolve?

// What does ‘natural’ mean to consumers and how should our brands respond?


Innovation Studios

We go insight hunting with our clients to identify opportunities and accelerate ambitious innovation activity rooted in robust, shared understandings of people’s worlds.

// Defining a new approach to retail formats for a sportswear brand

// Develop a fresh go-to-market proposition for pet care leader

// Creating new product and service concepts for consumer goods company

1Strategy Studios

We support leaders in shaping insight-led strategies for business and brand growth.

// Identifying routes to growth over 3-5 years for an online health business

// Rationalising a complex range for an fmcg brand

// Developing the strategy for two-sub brands for a global fashion business

// Redefining emerging market communication strategy for global perfume brand