What we do

We support teams working on near-term product launches and longer range strategy engagements. We help our clients decide what to do now and what to do next. Our collaborative way of working ensures our clients have the confidence and know-how to make the next move.


Business Futures and Strategy

Know-how to think two moves ahead

Our foundational research gives business leaders the know-how to make sense of the data and make their next moves

// A global technology platform asked us to identify the next services they should be delivering in key global markets

// A technology company briefed us to identify longer term opportunities sitting at the intersection of machine learning, cameras and new communications technologies

Product and Service Innovation

Know-how to build the right products

We help our clients invent or evolve new products and services that deliver delight and support business or organisational goals

// A global technology company asked us to find new opportunities for their AI to provide assistance for knowledge workers in large organisations

// We helped a European industrial company scale a promising technology innovation across key markets

// We defined the 5 year product strategy for a packaged goods company responding to the shift to more sustainable home care brands


Brand and Proposition Development

Know-how to grow your brand

We define and communicate the customer, business benefits and commercial opportunities of new ideas

// A global technology company came to us when it wanted to develop a strategy and a brand for putting digital skills on the UK high street

// We developed a new youth brand for an international intimate apparel business


Tools and Capabilities

Know-how for high performing teams

We build workshops, frameworks and tools to help business adapt and profit from changing market landscapes

// We developed a playbook for a packaged goods company which saw digital assistants disrupting their channel strategy

// We used customer understanding to build a new framework to simply a large, global portfolio for a leading personal care brand