What we do

We use ethnography to unlock human insights. Our collaborative Studio approach enables brand and business teams to make strategic decisions with confidence. We tailor our Studios to address a range of challenges.

Sprint Studios

// Communications development
// New product, design and service optimisation




A rapid one to two day process blending the best of ethnography and co-creation. Clients immerse in informant worlds before moving seamlessly into collaboration mode to generate new ideas and solve challenges as teams together with informants.

Questions we have recently explored:

– how can we localise our communications across 3 key markets?
– how can tailor a digital skills programme to people with low skills?

Strategy Studios

// New product / service & brand development
// Brand positioning
// Communications strategy
// Portfolio / range architecture development



A week long collaborative approach where client teams live together and immerse fully in their customers’ worlds. Teams conduct participative ethnographic research to develop shared insights to fuel strategic decision making on more complex business and brand challenges.

Questions we have recently explored:

– how can we create a new natural line of fabric care products?
– what should be the focus of our 3 year business plan?

Discovery Studios

// New market / category / emerging phenomenon mapping
// Innovation roadmaps
// New business model development


A longer wave approach combining in depth ethnographic work with  expert exploration and bigger picture cultural analysis.

Questions we have recently explored:

– what is the trajectory of pooled mobility across three continents?
 how will spoken interface technology be adopted in the future?


// True mobile ethnography
// Transform everyday apps into powerful research tools

Introducing Switchboard, the first truly native mobile research management platform.

Ethnographic research seeks to understand people within the context of their everyday lived experience. We believe mobile ethnographic research should be no different. But specialist research apps impose unfamiliar digital environments.

In response we have developed Switchboard – a platform that enables people to share their experiences with the services they use everyday: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and WeChat.