The Weekly Stripe – 07.09.17

Did you sleep ok? Ready for a weekend with more time in bed? This week’s pick of links are on the topic of that mysterious thing called sleep.

Why we need sleep and its precise benefits are something of a mystery. A lab in Japan is trying to figure this out. 

Sleeping in public places in Japan is a noteworthy phenomenon. The language distinguishes between inemuri (居眠 り, いねむり), “sleep while being present” and hirune (昼寝, ひるね) “daytime sleep” or napping.

In dangerous place sleeping makes you vulnerable. Round the World sailors have to learn to sleep in small chunks, if at all. 

In such circumstance learning to get to sleep quickly is useful. This is how some soldiers are taught to got some zzzz quickly. 

Not needing sleep has a certain machismo appeal but there’s good evidence that absence of sleep is not great for business.