Presentations & publications

We like to write about and present our ideas. It helps us to sharpen our thinking. Sharing ideas forces us to replenish them.

These are some of the things we have written and talked about.

Strategy as an unfolding network of associations: paper presented at EPIC 2016

Knowing that and knowing how: Towards Embodied Strategy, paper presented at EPIC 2015.

Why qualitative research needs to get carnal – Tom Rowley in AQR – In Brief

Models of Enchantment and the Enchantment of Models, Simon Roberts – in the Journal of Business Anthropology (2015) Simon 

Cracking the Cultural Code of Wearables. A presentation given at the Special Interest Group meeting of Cambridge Wireless, September 2014

Adornment, enchantment, magic and ridicule – presented at the December 2013 Wearable Futures conference at Ravensbourne College, London.

‘That full complement of riches’: The future role of anthropology in business and society – presented at the Why the world needs anthropologists symposium, Amsterdam, December 2013


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  • Weve been busy capturing peoples stories on film this weekhellip
    We've been busy capturing people's stories on film this week  @stripepartners 
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    On the coast
  • Block workout fieldwork
    Block workout  #fieldwork 
  • Local rivalries in Brooklyn
    Local rivalries in Brooklyn
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  • Fieldwork studio base for the weekend
    Fieldwork studio base for the weekend